How do we book your company?  Call the office, and I will book you right over the phone.  You'll be sent a contract immediately via email.  It's just that fast and easy to do.

How is payment handled?  We require a signed contract a $300 deposit AND a postdated balance cheque are due.  The amounts with applicable taxes will be listed on the contract. 

How do you accept payment?  Cheques (checks),  and every major credit card via our PayPal link.

Are You Insured? Yes for $5,000,000 liability.  Some venues require a proof of insurance certificate for us to work there.  Please keep in mind, many DJ services do NOT carry this insurance.  This a major feature that separates us from other entertainment services.

Are You Licensed For Music Play? Yes, we use a licensed music subscription service. 

Will the DJ's name be on the contract?  Yes

What do we need to provide for the DJ?  A meal(s), electricity and 6ft table with a dark colored skirt and table cloth.  Out of town events will require accommodations and possibly a $100 fuel expense.  Niagara Region weddings do not apply to this policy.  

Can your DJ entertain Outdoors? Yes, but....only if we are fully covered under an enclosed structure like a professional rental tent.   An electrical generator must be rented at $100 for any cable runs over 50' from the main building.  In addition to this, we can not share the electricity with any other services you may have Caterer, Videographer etc... 

Can you provide a sound system and micrphone for our outdoor ceremony?  Yes, $250 fee will apply. This includes an earlier setup time than origianlly planned and a separate sound system.  This rate only applies if the ceremony is on the same property as the reception but in a different location to the reception room.  Off property ceremonies will be subject to additional charges.

How do you dress?  Unless we are directed by you otherwise, all DJ's for all formal events, wear at the least, a jacket, collared shirt & slacks.  We prefer tuxedo shirt and bow tie if the weather and the occasion calls for it.

Where will you travel to? Anywhere in Canada.  Get us there and back home at no expense to us and we will go for our regular rate. We have been to Montreal, Dorval Q.C., Calgary, Grande Prairie Alberta, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Perth, Sault Ste Marie, Ottawa, London, Sarnia, Hamilton, Niagara, St Catherines, Sarnia (we liked it so much we went again), Kincardin, Grimsby, Erin, and several more towns, all for weddings, stag & does and corporate events.

When do you arrive? Between 1 and 3 hours before your guest arrival depending on event size and required equipment and the package you purchased.

What time do you stop the music?  We gage this to the time you have your venue booked until.  Usually the bride and grooms last song is played at 12:30-ish with a half hour of music until the 1 AM the latest. After 1 AM there will be an over time charge and only if the venue allows it..  Our motto is..."it's always better to give a grand finish to a grand event, rather than to let it just fade away".

Can we set up a meeting?  Yes.  Call the office for information.

Do we get to meet the DJ before the wedding?  Yes, an arrangement can be made.

Can we speak with the DJ before the wedding?  Yes, as many times as you need to satisfy your comfort level. 

Can we FAX/Email you any additional documents or attachments?  Yes of course, please only fax printed or inked material as pencil does not fax.  The lead in the pencil is a metal alloy and it reflects the image therefore the document does not scan clearly.

Can you provide dinner music?  Yes, this service is free of charge.

Can you provide cocktail music? Yes, this service is free of charge.


Can you provide ceremony music?  Yes, this service is NOT free of charge.

Do you provide a microphone for speeches? Yes, this service is free of charge.

Can you provide special effects like bubbles, fog or pyrotechnics?  Artificial Canned Fog can be rented from us....BUT...keep in must check your venue's contract.  This effect can have an adverse affect on Fire Alarm systems and a $FINE$ from the local fire department for about $500 will be written to the name on the venue contract for any false alarms.  Not to mention the huge  embarrassment of all your guests standing in the street waiting for the "ALL CLEAR" sign.   Dry-Ice Fog slicks the floor with water.  This effect requires two men to operate.  One for controlling and another for assisting and clean-up. Bubbles slick the floor with soap...these machines must be used under strict controlled conditions for a one-time use only.   Pyrotechnics is not run from this office due to the licensing involved and my insurance policy will not cover it.  We can sub-contract this effect out to a pyrotechnic company.  Most DJ companies & banquet facilities are not qualified to handle, nor are they licensed or insured to operate these potentially dangerous explosives.  It should only be done by a licensed professional pyrotechnical engineer with liability insurance and a dangerous explosives certificate.

Does the DJ take/play requests? Yes.

Can we give you a list of songs to play?  Yes, give us your all-time favorite songs.  We recommend 20-30 songs

Do you play beyond the contracted time if we request it?  This is at the discretion of the attending DJ with direct permission from the venue's manager himself / herself and with the rate posted below.

How much is your overtime rate?  $250 per hour or less.  Must be paid to the DJ in cash before the overtime starts, not after.

How many DJ's come to an event?  Depending on the package purchased, but usually a maximum of two.

Can the M.C. phone you to touch base about speeches? Yes, then we can define his/her duties  to ensure it won't clash with our obligations. 

Can you help out with our multimedia presentation?  Yes.  We always like to be involved with that. Depending on what is required some charges may apply.  We can handle Power Point, Video and Slide Shows.


  • Your deposit cheque, balance cheque and a signed contract.

  • Our "wedding planner" filled out. (We can not accept custom made agenda's as a replacement).

  • Early access to your reception room, at least 3 hours prior to guest arrival.

  • 1 six foot table with a dark colored skirt.

  • 2 nearby electrical outlets.

  • DJ set up must be on the dance floor OR on a low rise stage next to the dance floor.  DJ & Dance floor always go together, there are no exceptions to this rule if you want the best service we can provide and to make your party the great success you deserve and paid for.  

  • A small dance-floor.  Yes, smaller is better.  Smaller is any size floor that will hold 1/3 of your guests attending.

  • Dinner(s) for the DJ(s) at a guest table NOT at our work station..

  • 7 small prizes AND 1 nicer prize for our TIME TRAVEL TRIVIA dinner show.

  • Your bar inside the party room to keep your guests corralled and partying all night long

Call us locally (Mississauga, Ontario) 905-785-1300